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A Brief History of Cannabonsai

Cannabonsai today is an international community with active enthusiasts and experienced growers alike trying their hand at growing cannabis bonsai themselves. But what are the

Indoor Grow Light Comparison

Choosing the right grow light involves a lot of research so we put together this comparison between the different types of grow lights we’ve tried

DIY Grow Box Build

Our older grow setups have been the classic blacked-out tents with mylar interiors, but we found that while they work quite well, they don’t blend well into living spaces and can be overbearing in a bedroom. So we decided to put together this cabinet style wood grow box to fit better in our place.

Why Cannabis is a True Bonsai Medium

In a 2017 Leafly article on cannabis bonsai, “Growing Cannabis with Bonsai: Separating Fact from Fiction“, author Rae Lland discussed the emerging trend of growing

A short history of bonsai

Bonsai’s story is deeply intertwined with the proliferation of Buddhism as it spread across China to Japan to the entire world, and while bonsai practice is known worldwide today, it has only become an international phenomenon over the last few centuries.

About Cannabonzai

Cannabonzai at the heart of it is a cross-cultural project. One half of us is Taiwanese-Canadian and the other half is French/Scottish?-Canadian so in some ways it represents the crossroads between very different cultures.